Cloud Repair // ‘Phantom’, 2020 (EP)


Phantom is the second release by Cloud Repair. Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, this EP is like a short film or short story—-something that can be consumed in one, not overly commital sitting. With Phantom, I prioritized sound building equally with story telling. This shift in narrative focus is what separates it the most from Space Suits which was composed more disjointedly. With Phantom, I wanted more drama scripted in the production and overall theme. In this spirit, I tried to create a photo series that would be representative of the album, and it can be viewed here. In the same vein,  I gave much more focus to the lyrics and their message and delivery; it was intentional to have my voice more pronounced in the mix than in Space Suits. It was this combined focus of the visual, aural, and linguistic elements of the album that, I believe, made it a more mature project that I had undertaken in the past. Whereas each track on Space Suits was a wild caking of layered sounds, I put much greater emphasis on sound economy for this project. Rather than creating an indistinguishable wave of sound, I tried to give each track more breathing space so each instrument and its part could be identified by the average listener.

Released March 13, 2020

(hopefully one day, I will be able to do a larger scale printing of the vinyl version to share with you!)