Cloud Repair // ‘Space Suits’, 2018 (LP)


‘Space Suits’, a nine track album with a bonus track at the end, was released January 26, 2018. The recording process was a very disorganized, 2 year process, as I threw microphones up to any amps and plugged in any instruments I could find whenever an idea came to me. Eventually, layers of sound were caked together. One of the fondest memories was putting a microphone in the middle of a sanctuary and recording drone notes of a pipe organ. Another memory is spending multiple hours one night singing literally 2 lines from the first verse on ‘Moving Fast, Moving Slow’ over and over again–like 100+ takes–and not using any of them. Recording this album felt like the biggest deal in the world to me at the time; I really thought Pitchfork was going to write about it, or I was going to get a Grammy. It is pretty silly to think of now–but also kinda endearing at the same time. I tried so hard.

I think ‘Diamond’ is a very underrated track on the album–the acoustic guitars, breathy vocals, and undulating synths make a really tasteful vibe in my opinion. ‘Mountain Bloom’ is the oldest song in the Cloud Repair catalog, and Kiersten performed the vocals perfectly.

I have one vinyl pressing as a model, and I hope to be able to do a larger scale printing in the future.