Cloud Repair // ‘Space Suits’, 2018 (LP)


‘Space Suits’, a nine track album with an additional bonus track at the end, was released January 26, 2018. The recording process was a very disorganized, 2 year process, that involved me throwing microphones up to any amps and plugging in any instruments I could find whenever an idea came to me. Eventually, layers of sound were caked together. One of the fondest memories was putting a microphone in the middle of a sanctuary and recording drone notes of a pipe organ. Another memory is spending multiple hours one night recording 2 lines from the first verse on ‘Moving Fast, Moving Slow’ over and over again and giving up deleting all of them. Recording this album felt like the biggest deal in the world to me at the time; I really thought Pitchfork was going to write about it, or I was going to get a Grammy. It is pretty silly to think of now–but also kinda endearing at the same time. I tried so hard.

I think ‘Diamond’, ‘Hear Me, Girl’, ‘ Snowshoes’, and ‘The Odd Motions’ have matured the best since the release. ‘Mountain Bloom’ is the oldest song in the Cloud Repair catalog, and Kiersten performed the vocals perfectly.

I have one vinyl pressing as a model, and I hope to be able to do a larger scale printing in the future.